Oil Water Separator

State of the art solutions for efficient oil & water separation

Aquator is a Class 1 Oil-water Separator is compliant with EN BS 858-1:2002 and has been independently tested by the University of South Australia and University of Newcastle.

The patented design of the Aquator includes a combination of inlet pipes and baffles that minimize turbulence.

Specially designed coalescers with a polyether filtration matrix separate and remove the hydrocarbons from the wastewater. The oil and fuel is separated and contained for later removal.

The system also incorporates an automatic shut-off valve to close down the Aquator – ensuring no discharge of pollutants. The system is easily maintained with no need to enter the tank.

  • Capture and store fuel spills
  • Remove hydrocarbons from water runoff
  • Discharge to stormwater
  • Class 1 oil water separator
  • Compliant with EN BS 858-1:2002
  • Different sizes available to suit project needs
  • Oil level alarm probe

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