Agricultural Solar

Solar energy is increasingly being utilised in agricultural pump and irrigation systems due to its cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency.

At Professional Pump Services & Irrigation, we are proud to be dealers for all the major solar pumping manufacturers including Grundfos, Lorentz, Franklin and Mono.

These innovative solar pumping systems are perfect for agricultural customers looking to reduce their reliance on mains power and improve sustainability on their farms.

As experts in the design and supply of complete solar livestock watering systems and large-scale solar irrigation systems, we can help you find the perfect solution for your operation.

Solar-Powered Water Pumps:

These pumps use energy from the sun to power an electric motor, which drives the pump to extract water from a source like a well, pond, or river. This water is then used for irrigation. Solar-powered water pumps minimise the usage of water and reduce the consumption of electricity, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Solar-Powered Water Supply Services:

Solar power has become increasingly necessary for reliable, clean-energy solutions for agricultural water management. It provides a consistent water supply for irrigation, especially in remote areas where access to grid electricity is challenging.

Solar Panels for Surface Water or Groundwater Pumping:

In this system, solar panels generate the necessary power for pumping surface water or groundwater to crops. This practice results in environmental and conservation benefits.

Solar Drip Irrigation Systems:

Combining solar pumps with affordable drip irrigation kits can significantly increase water efficiency. The system delivers water directly to the root zone of plants, reducing evaporation and runoff.

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS):

These systems use solar energy for water pumping, replacing fossil fuels and grid electricity. They constitute a clean technology option for irrigation.

Solar energy is utilised in agricultural pump and irrigation systems to reduce dependency on traditional power sources, lower operational costs, increase water efficiency, and promote sustainable farming practices.

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