Pipes & Valves

Agricultural Pipes & Valves

Professional Pump Services & Irrigation can offer a full range of pipes, including PVC and Poly, in all sizes and for all uses.

From LD poly for your micro irrigation to the largest stormwater pipe, products are sourced from industry leaders such as Vinidex, Iplex, Pipemakers, Netafim and Rivulis.

In agricultural irrigation, pipes and valves form the backbone of any irrigation system, from simple setups in small-scale farms to complex networks in large agricultural fields.

Why Choose Professional Pump Services & Irrigation For Your Agricultural Pipe And Valve Needs?

Expertise: A team of professionals based in Townsville, NQ, specialising in pump and irrigation services. Their expertise can be invaluable in ensuring that your agricultural operations run smoothly.

Comprehensive Services: In addition to providing pumps and irrigation equipment, they also offer workshop and repair services. This means they can assist with maintenance and troubleshooting, helping to prolong the lifespan of your equipment and prevent costly downtime.

Quality Products: The company supplies reputable branded pumps, pump controls, and pumping systems suitable for commercial, agricultural, and residential irrigation applications. These high-quality products can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your irrigation systems.

Other Agriculture Services

Servicing & Parts

In house and on-site servicing available. We stock a large range of trusted brands that will ensure your system is running at full capacity.