Agricultural Irrigation Automation

Professional Pump Services & Irrigation understand that irrigation automation can reduce labour costs, water usage, energy costs and increase product yields.

Automated agricultural irrigation offers a more efficient and sustainable approach to crop watering.

These systems utilize various technologies, including sensors, timers, and programmable controllers, to manage the irrigation process without requiring constant intervention.

There are several types of automated irrigation systems, including:

  • Fully Automatic Radio-Controlled Irrigation Systems
  • Single Net And Multi-Core Automatic Irrigation Systems

Professional Pump Services & Irrigation work with the world’s leading automation specialists to service all types of irrigation. From automatic pump starts to full irrigation scheduling incorporating environmental sensors, we can help you save time and money.

Other Agriculture Services

Servicing & Parts

In house and on-site servicing available. We stock a large range of trusted brands that will ensure your system is running at full capacity.