Agricultural Irrigation Design

Professional Pump Services & Irrigation can assist with the design needs for your next project.

Whether you have a simple pipeline to design, a complex multi-pump irrigation system or even a large-scale stock water reticulation project, we have access to the skills required to design your project to ensure it works right, first time, every time.

At the core of these services is the understanding that every farm is different – with varying soil types, crop needs, climate conditions, and topographical features. This necessitates a customised approach to irrigation design, considering all these factors to ensure the most efficient use of water resources.

Our professionals work with experts in agronomy, hydrology, and engineering to design irrigation systems that deliver the right amount of water at the right time to crops. Utilising advanced technologies such as GIS mapping, CAD software, and remote sensing to create accurate and detailed irrigation plans. This service is free of charge if irrigation is purchased through Professional Pump Service & Irrigation.

These design services may include incorporating designs of various irrigation systems, such as drip, sprinkler, centre pivot and lateral traveling type irrigation. They also often involve creating a comprehensive water management plan, including automation strategies for improved efficiency and ease of operation.

Other Agriculture Services

Servicing & Parts

In house and on-site servicing available. We stock a large range of trusted brands that will ensure your system is running at full capacity.